The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ)

NADJ LogoThe National Association of Disc Jockeys is the UK’s largest DJ Association and ensure that all their members follow a strict code of conduct, are fully insured and tested, and strive to provide professional services with outstanding customer service.

All Members of the NADJ are bound by a Code of Conduct as a condition of their membership, including the following aspects on professionalism:

  • To uphold the Aims and Objectives of the Association, as detailed in the Constitution.
  • To comply with all relevant laws, codes and regulations, and to protect the public against fraud and unfair trade practices.
  • To hold all licences that are legally required.
  • To provide a safe working environment and to maintain the highest reasonable level of safety for all products and services.
  • To present and supply products, services, or marketing honestly without misrepresentation, plagiarism or ‘passing off’ and to operate their business in a professional manner.
  • To ensure that all members, staff or employees conduct themselves in a proper manner, so as not to bring the Association into disrepute.
  • To provide proper, fair and reasonable service to customers.
  • To comply with all fair and reasonable contractual obligations.
  • To recognise and respect that other operators will compete for business within lawful practice.
  • Members, where appropriate, will have Public and/or Employers Liability Insurance, or equivalent. Members are obliged to provide evidence of such insurance on request.
  • Members who operate as entertainment or employment agencies must advise customers whether or not a (sub-) contracted DJ is a member.
  • To support the development of the industry standards and safe practices.
  • To support the Association by taking an active role in NADJ activities and promoting the Association to the industry and general public.

This site only shows Full Members of the NADJ (Associate and Youth Members are not listed) for whom we hold current PAT documents and whose membership subscriptions are up to date.

So choosing an NADJ member to perform at your event or function will always be a wise decision, backed up with the support and network that comes with being a part of a National Association.