Help For NADJ Members

Welcome to the new “Find a DJ” website

Its’ radically different from the old site and will help promote your business in a far better way than the old one….But.

You’ll need to ensure your profile is up to date and accurate. You’ll do this on the main website, once logged in choose “edit my profile” from the members menu.

Ratings SystemOnce in there look at the info listed, is it up to date, relevant, spelt correctly and portraying the right message for your business. You’ll also notice some new fields to fill in, these help with the score your listing receives on this website as explained below. When you save your profile as well as updating the main NADJ website listing it will automatically update this site as well.

How the listing ranking works.

Listing Tick
Having a valid email address earns you a point, most clients these day will want some way to send you playists and details so having an email address is king.

Listing TickDo you have a website? If so make sure it’s listed on your profile, we’ll use this to show a preview to the client and link to it. Not got a website? Take advantage of the free webhosting you get as a member and buy a domain name and point it to your webspace with us!

Listing TickBusiness Description is the most important part to get right. If you’re listing says “WE DO DISCOS” then its not going to get you any more customers, to earn a listing rank point for this your description must be greater than 150 words and relevant. No negative marketing or anything that is derogatory to the industry or other DJs.

Listing TickMake sure you upload a logo for your business, this is your “branding”, so a good head shot picture or your corporate logo is what we’re expecting here as opposed to a “party” picture. You earn another ranking point for this and it’s better than the “missing” picture.

Listing TickIf haven’t done so already, get yourself a free Flickr album, here you can add photos of your events and setups to better promote yourself to your clients, tag the pictures you want to be seen as “findadj”. Add in your Flickr id in the field on your profile (it looks like “254893979@N07″) and your event photos will appear on your listing and you’ll earn another point. Go to idGettr if you don’t know your Flickr ID.

Listing TickFinally, we’re all on Facebook and Twitter for our businesses (or should be). There’s now fields in your profile to include links to your Business pages on Facebook or your Business Twitter feed. Note we want your Business pages and feeds, letting your clients see your holiday pictures or the discussion regarding how drunk you were the previous night will not get you any new business! Another point is earned for either (or both) a Facebook or Twitter business account listed.

Listed Not RankedAny of the above not filled in or incorrect will result in a lower listing rank, but this will not affect where you list on the site, but the more information you can provide, the better we can promote your business.

Also, if you have a DJMark from there’s now a field to put your DJMark number in there as well.

Please NOTE ! If you have been a bit clever and used HTML in your original listing, with different layouts and colours etc, this formatting will be stripped out when published. So if you’re missing bits of text or formatting go back and look at your original listing and see what’s wrong.