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The DJ Guarantee

Hiring a DJ or Mobile Disco provider for your event should be a task that’s undertaken with the same level of research you carry out for other service providers or suppliers for your party.  It’s great to see that customers are now spending more time on finding the right DJ for their celebration, rather than […]

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I Just Need A DJ

“I just need a DJ,” is a phrase that sends a shiver down the spine of many Professional Disc Jockeys. It almost sounds like the customer isn’t expecting much in the way of entertainment for their party or it could be that they want the best of the best and they think that any or […]

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What Questions Should I Ask A DJ?

This is the second part in our guidance notes for customers looking to hire a DJ for their party.  If you haven’t already read the first part, please visit: What Information Should I Have Before I Contact A DJ? So, the first part of our help section centred on the preparation work may want to […]

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What Information Should I Have Before I Contact A DJ?

Most people have probably never hired a DJ for an event in the past and many people just don’t know what questions they should ask when they contact a DJ about their service. Many people are not prepared for the questions a professional DJ should be asking them in the early stages of their enquiry. […]

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iPod Disco – iDisco! By NADJ member Tony Winyard

I DJ’ed a wedding last night at the fabulous Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, a venue that I’ve worked at scores of times over the past decade or so. At the end of the night as I was packing up I was chatting with the manager and we were discussing Weddings, recent events etc,. He mentioned […]

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What Wedding DJs Wish You Knew About Choosing One

Wedding couples are frustrated. Wedding DJs are frustrated. There’s a disconnect here. But what exactly is the problem?

It depends on who you ask. Wedding DJs continually wonder why brides and grooms treat the mobile DJ — the type who lugs around his equipment to show up at big events and weddings — as a commodity.

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